Sunday, November 19, 2006

Ghost of General Patton.

from a friend:
I got an email titled the ghost of Gen Patton from someone the other
day. Here's the website which is the contents of the email.

I won't include the personal communcations between these two people, but basically the sender said "let's not fight about this" and "it was just irony" and "you should have gotten the joke" and "you have no sense of humor", and I strongly believe in my opinions, and you are entitled to your foolish opinions too, but please let's not discuss it or else bad feelings might erupt and you might be mad at me.
my response:

Yeah, the point is TWO Fallacies on the Patton page.
what, shopping?
freedom to do what? shop? fuck? go hunting? watch TV?

sidenote: Patton is a WW2 meme. One, it's not WW2 and every tinpot dictator WE supported and funded is NOT Hitler, and every country who disobeys Wall Street is not the Third Reich marching all over Europe. Two, WE also DID support and fund Hitler, our American elites and future CIA directors did. Oh, and Prescott Bush and his friends funded Nazis while our men were dying on the beaches at Normandy. Too bad Speilberg is too much of a pussy to say that.

How was this freedom infringed?
Even by Osama, IF you believe that? It wasn't.
(I looked on that page, this is HARD CORE PROPAGANDA. Not so much cleverly-clever, but blatantly hard core manipulative. Not as hard core as actually blowing up the towers and showing it on TV a thousand times and pretending the govt was too incompetent to stop those wily Islamic Arab cave-dwellers from Hamburg Germany with CIA credentials up one side and down the other including "educational transfers" from the CFR and Rockefeller, after we spent $12 Trillion on Cold War Defense for 60 years and it doesn't seem to function. No, the webpage is not that hard core, but it's still hard core pushes some buttons.
People get PAID GOOD MONEY from our taxes to compose this shit. The implication to smack you with shame is that people who demand ethics, morals, justice, and straight goddam answers to straight goddam questions from our govt servants are wimpy, soft-hearted, fuzzy-headed, or foolish. Think about that for a minute. This IS a deep way of mind-fucking people. Not that deep, because it's so blatant and crude, but still deep enough to catch a lot of average people. Then Chomsky and his peers can mindfuck the intellectual stragglers by saying that you're wasting time demanding answers about Sept 11, and you're getting duped by neo-Nazis.)
What about our Freedom from to speak freely AND petition the govt for redress of grievances, without getting arrested by Secret Service or detained for questioning by FBI? Who's messing with our freedom?

What about our Freedom from unreasonable search and seizure (incl electronic eavesdropping on "subversive communications", and granting the govt the license to use such information in any witchhunt prosecution) without a signed warrant indicating the place and items to be searched and seized? Who's messing with our freedom?

Gosh, Saddam and all those Iraq engineers and doctors and cab drivers really fucked us over on our freedom! All those illiterate Taliban hillbillies piled 20-deep in their pickup trucks really screwed our freedom up. Now Washington, Langley, and Cheyenne Mountain can be on a permanent fishing expedition.
Damn Al-Qaeda.
We never should have hired them for Clandestine Services and put them on government payroll.

"QUO BONO?" means "WHO BENEFITS?" Should Sesame Street do a song on this?

Jay, I'm with you on this:
"OK you whining, panty-wasted, pathetic Maggots,

Explain, how is that NOT an insult?!! Would you walk up to someone and say that to their face? To a "friend"? How would you expect your "friend" to respond. Try that at a football game some time.

Cause it's a "cute" website? Cause your friend said it indirectly with a "message" on a website? ha ha

That's called PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR for people too afraid to stand up and speak their mind and too afraid to engage in a serious argument-debate, and too afraid to fight (verbally, intellectually) for what they claim to "truly believe in".

Probably because they are afraid of someone being "cross" with them, which is a big PART of how the PSYOP works!! (At worst, some of them sling insults and innuendos and call that "fighting for what they believe in", which is total bullshit because they will not engage facts.)

He's a whining, panty-wasted, pathetic Maggot!!!

And Jay, you can send this to him and tell him DO NOT TAKE THIS PERSONALLY, because I don't even know him, I'm just writing off the cuff, so there is NO WAY this could be a personal attack. It's just a debate, mimicking the tactics of that website. Get it? Ha ha. Not meant to really diminish anyone, rather to empower in a reverse psyop way.

If he had the balls to disagree with you intellectually and debate you on the facts, he could explain that in his opinion America IS under attack from Islamic Hordes and he believes everything that Bush, and all the fearmongering psyop media says --- verbatim!
He could argue and sling their talking points at you verbatim, like a MAN!!!!

He cannot stand to hear the counterargument that Washington is at War with Americans! and with innocent people world wide and that has been the case for decades. WE ARE UNDER ATTACK.
Some fascist Islamists like Muslim Brotherhood DO claim to be at war with America --- they blow up our shit overseas inside their countries --- where we got no goddam business --- and they do big operations which are run by guerilla tacticians who work for/with the FBI/CIA --- but they are not "attacking our freedoms". Al-Qaeda IS Muslim Brotherhood, we have used Al-Qaeda for freelance warriors like Manpower or Kelly for 25+ years. Like we're training Mujahiddeen Khalq right now.

Only some pathetic frightened PUSSY would cower in the corner near the TV and let the US Military Machine beat up women and children and innocent father and mothers in their name, and pretend to enjoy some vicarious power trip over it. That's mental masturbation. You will go blind from that!

That's the toughness Hitler and Himmler coached to the SS and SA troops, the mental and emotional toughness necessary to round up and exterminate Jews, even "good Jews", because it was necessary if not pleasureable, in their viewpoint.

The US just wants Americans to be tough enough to joke about it, three steps removed from reality, after the mass murder has been sanitized. And Americans are STUPID enough to think that's courage.
See if you can tear yourself away from your “reality” TV
(yeah, like Iraq War and foreign relations reporting)
and Starbucks for a minute,
pull your head out of your flabby ass – and LISTEN UP!!

By the way, this Abu-Gharaib thing was press-released by the United States Army. Why? To get you thinking about torturing suspects, finding it acceptable, and being subconsciously afraid. Everyone's common sense tells you that torturing suspects means torturing innocent people who are accused of some crime by some spook or some political hack.

Now, political hacks who supposedly can't run schools, or fix levees, or allocate funds effectively to eradicating gross poverty, are capable accurately determining who is guilty and who is a bystander. (Actually, the political hacks DO work those things perfectly, but with different outcomes than they tell you.)

This is to cover up worse, gross, painful torture. Duh. They debate waterboarding so instead they can continue slicing strips of flesh off genitals with a razor and applying salt or acid to the open wound, until the victim screams and agrees to confess to anything just to make the pain stop.
Of course there is no Intelligence gained. What's gained is terror, compliance, false confession, and most importantly legal precedent to torture 'enemy combatants' including American citizens and have their confessions stand as admissable.

Americans are such suckers.

PLEASE, Jay, PLEASE, send this to your fucking pathetic pussy friend (who I do not know and I am therefore not insulting in any way except to try to shock him out of his tube-fed brain with a little humor and hard core facts).




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