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Tarpley - how great thou art (not).

someone's comment: Tarpley more than merely suggests that Israeli operatives were heavily involved in 9/11, he describes how it was that on 9/11 they had George W. by the balls.

People seemed attuned to discovering who is the guilty ONE. One person, or one group.

The problem I have with this Tarpley viewpoint (and his biography of Bush Sr. is excellent so far in details on the Third Reich) is the implication that George W. and his band of neo-cons were somehow taken advantage of by the Israelis. Do you really think so?
"Had him by the balls", i.e. "taken advantage of", implies a native unwillingness to do harm to strangers. Bush??!!! Don't make me laugh so hard.

(I have not read Tarpley's book. Instead, I listened to him speak, in my effort to determine if I had any further interest in spending money on "Synthetic Terror".)

(Did you read Fortunate Son? George W. was a caring youth. When his baby sister was sick he cared for her, and when she died of cancer, George cared for his grieving mother. Did he care for his frat buddies? I guess. It was probably mutual, you scratch me, I'll scratch you. The general public? That's an abstract. Poor non-elite people? Fuck 'em.)

As I recall, Tarpley weighs heavily on this mysterious supposed phone call to Air Force One -- Angel is next. The 'enemy' has the bomb codes and access to secure communications?

IF that threat ever really happened at all, and was not simply made up, there is no reason to assume that CIA did not fabricate the call, either make it themselves or pay some outsider to make it, or maybe that CIA and Mossad did it together, or Mossad gave CIA the info, or whatever. Has anyone ever heard the call? Not that they can't dub voices too, but doesn't it seem like just adding drama to the drama, Tarpley or someone pumping up the Shock and Awe event of Sept 11 with more shock and schlock?

As far as I know, it's a bizarre rumor which never actually happened. But Tarpley's spin on it --- unless I misread him --- it that threatening Angel is the center of this controversy that proves something, a 'counter-narrative' about how Bush was threatened to cooperate.
Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Michael Ledeen, Donald Rumsfeld, and many more in PNAC and AEI, and also the (real) Trilateral Commission, all described a hypothetical future 9-11 type event as LUCKY, A MIRACLE, VITAL, NECESSARY. So Sept 11 was definitely in line with US interests, not opposed to national interests. This is the first key that people are not willing to accept.
After the fact, Rumsfeld told journalists that a Middle Eastern politician told him 9-11 was a blessing, and Rumsfeld said he agreed. How do you feel about the head of Defense stating that a bloodbath on US soil was a blessing? Rumsfeld also told military personnel in a conference that the 9-11 hysteria was fading, and "the solution, I suppose, is another attack". Do you agree that 9-11 was a blessing and we need another blessing just like it?
Why do so many people think these A-holes are providing our physical safety and security, when they have stated the opposite? Do you feel secure knowing that your own security team wants to see you dead, at least some of you? What is meant by "security" and "national interests" if it involves thousands of dead Americans?
Why would Bush (Angel) have to be threatened with death to force him to participate in a plan that was a national security policy from the getgo, for advancing US global hegemony, policies which were cooked up by the very people Bush appointed to serve (or they picked him to be the public face of the neocons instead of Perle's ugly mug)? I don't think Tarpley ever explains that.

It's not impossible or implausbie to believe that some Arabs wanted to hijack planes and hurt America, whether you think they are simply psycho Islamic radical terrorists (the type we armed and trained in the 80s and 90s) or else it was blowback which some Arabs believe was a justified response to US actions against them and their families, or a religious Jihad, or a little of both. Most of the 19 alleged Hijackers were being tracked, and they seemed to enjoy high public visibility at strip clubs, and galavanting around town, partying, gambling (one news report had them on the Sun Cruz casino cruise, a business which involved a shady deal by Jack Abramoff with Tom Delay), but the Intell bosses at FBI and CIA were interfering with the agents tracking them.
And the hijackers couldn't fly. Ok, barely. Poor skills. Professional airline pilots trying to fly simulators of the same jetliners into the Towers with no electronic guidance failed more than succeeded. Pilots for 9-11 Truth. Don't blame me, ask them.
So, there's no strong reason to believe that ANY Arabs were directly involved in 9-11 except as decoys (let alone threatening "Angel"), and there's lots of circumstantial reasons to suspect they were not. A dearth of evidence, a seeming lack of intent on those non-Islamic Arabs, that Al-Qaeda had been operating with CIA-associates and military, rather than against CIA or FBI, all this and more would seem to indicate the Arabs were hired, placed on some black ops payroll to perform some operations or preparation, to look like they were up to something.

Think about it this way: Remember this FedEx commercial? "When it absolutely, positively has to get there overnight" people trust their packages to Federal Express, the Company with the guarantee and the track record.

If you were that national policy advisory gang mentioned above, and you absolutely, positively had to have a terrifying bloodbath on US soil in a narrow window of opportunity in order for your big Project for a New American Century to come to fruition (primarily, invade Iraq), would you trust that "package" to a bunch of amateur Arab Islamic Suicider flakes? I wouldn't. I would plan for guaranteed success, not a 5% chance of success.

Think about it: If one or two fake Islamo-radicals flaked out and decided they wanted to do a few more lines of coke off a strippers thighs instead of explode in a fireball of terror, your entire Global Hegemony plans are ruined! Ruined, I tell you, ruined!!

It would be like a cheezy 9-11 alternative outcome comedy, Al-Qaeda guy at airport thinks about naked strippers he fell in lust with the previous nite in Miami so he tosses his boxcutter in trash and grabs his rental car instead, mumbling "what was I thinking". Crazy Fake Islamic Jihadists guys miss plane because they are getting wasted in strip joint near airport. Osama Bin Laden gets irate and seizes their frequent flyer miles.

So what do you use? You take some off-the-shelf remote-control flight technology and have it installed into the planes --- if it's not already possible to take over flights from the ground --- and then you sit in Guiliani's command bunker in WTC Building 7 and watch professionals with computer-driven GPS homing devices and watch the show. Yee-hah.

Maybe the alleged (non) hijackers even thought they were working against the US in some way. Maybe they were paid by Al-Qaeda to take flight training. At least for some, their training was paid for by Yeslam Bin Laden, and paid to a flight school tied to Jeb Bush and tied to CIA-style narco-trafficking and to Jerry Falwell. Falwell, far from being just a whacko preacher-fool, is a member of the powerful Council for National Policy along with Oliver North and Pat Robertson and Tim LaHaye of Left Behind and the far right crazies, and Reverend Sun Myung Moon, with ties to CIA, Phoenix death squads in Vietnam, Iran-Contra, death squads in Guatemala, World Anti-Communist League, actual Nazis and Fascists. My point is, the hijackers' activities were the opposite that of religious fanatics or anyone willing to commit suicide to avenge something.

One problem I have with the conspiracy theorist mode, is that the main semi-celebrity who published the bulk of articles on the situation in Florida (and California and Arizona), and who pointed to previous newspaper articles about the Huffman flight school and Florida Air commuter line, and who pointed out inconsistencies and clues that they are CIA proprietary companies, Hopsicker still believes the attack was led by Saudis working against the United States. CIA has been in bed with the Saudis since the 80s with the Saudis helping arm Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. As a matter of fact, Saudi Arabia was founded by Alan and Foster Dulles who funded Nazi Germany and became first CIA Directors. What about these arrangements would indicate Saudis were betraying America by supporting Jihadists when it was explicit US policy to support Jihadists?

In this example and others, I keep seeing this maddening pattern of 9-11 Truthseekers establishment of credibility, then followed by abandonment of logic. This leads one to ask: "What is the agenda of these conspiracy hacks? Self-immolation? Intellectual and investigative morass?" (Yes.) Hopsicker seemed like a very, very good guy when discussing CIA drug trafficking and Barry Seal and the Boys on the Tracks Train Deaths. On 9-11, Hopsicker forces me to see him as the exposer of "legends" who then reverts to weaving his own intricate counter-legends.

I see Tarpley in a similar role, writing a spy thriller in defiance of sound geo-pol analysis. There may be a conspiracy, but they conspiracy has to make logical sense too, both inside and outside the framework of the conspiracy theory.

The fact that this perspective of "Washington at War with Americans" has long been confirmed by people like Frank Morales looking at Pentagon and Army documents long preceding Bush, all the new laws now and under Clinton, Drug War, anti-Labor massacres, Sedition acts, COINTELPRO.

Dave McGowan's book called Derailing Democracy describes a raft of unconstitutional draconian "Homeland Security" and "PATRIOT Act" style laws passed by Clinton which were the equivalent to the one's later ramped up by Bush. Clinton was more stealth about it.

Even to an extent in comments by Keith Olbermann and Jon Stewart about current statements and legislation, this viewpoint makes a lot more sense that America's favorite ally would participate in America's long war against our own workers and citizens' freedom, than the viewpoint that America's favorite ally (Saudis or Israel) would "attack" the hand that feeds it, or that CIA would be unable discover how Israel really double-crossed America, or be unwilling to blame that enemy. No, to the degree that Israel was almost certainly involved -- both Netenyahu and Barak described 9-11 as a a great thing for Israel, and the Jewish Forward covered the info on the fake Art Students and Moving Company linked to 9-11, there is MUCH peripheral history and factual background to show 9-11 as a joint operation with American elites.

Do you know who created Mossad? James Jesus Angleton of the CIA. He created Pakistan's ISI too.

Sure, Allen Dulles hated Jews (by some accounts) and he certainly liked Hitler or at least he liked Nazi businessmen, but Menachem Begin was an Israeli who practiced fascism and terror learned from Mussolini, tried to align with Mussolini, and killed Jews and crushed labor in Palestine. That's one likeable Jew if you're a Dulles or another CIA rat.

I spoke to a Saudi going to school in the US who said a US ambassador came to SA to discuss 9-11 with them, but Saudis had seen a news special played on Saudi TV, and they called the ambassador out on some issues, and he just sorta shut up. It was obvious. He could not answer tough questions.

Michel Chossudovsky does not get into the speculation that no Arabs were on the planes (or that if they were, they were likely as much victims as the other passengers). Chossudovsky does not drop down to that level of detail on the actual attack. But Choss does clearly show that "Al-Qaeda" is an ally, and actually an internal "project" of the US national security state, and therefore it is impossible by definition to have an Intelligence Project which is simultaneously an outside enemy ... especially if it remains a collaborating ally for many years after it is officially deemed an enemy. Read next on how open it is that US was involved w Al-Qaeda for decades.

If Al-Qaeda was an ally (or project) in 1996-99 (google Republican Senate Kosovo Report) doing joint military operations to disrupt and overthrow governments and democratic rule on behalf of US interests, and if Al-Qaeda remained an ally through the summer of 2001, and if Al-Qaeda people are still collaborating with certain US persons and NGOs, then Sept 11 was either

a) carried out by this ally known as Al-Qaeda, as one more joint military operation to disrupt and overthrow (liberal) government and democratic rule on behalf of US (elite) interests
b) carried out directly by elements of the USG and CIA, and merely blamed on this Al-Qaeda entity which was overseas wreaking havoc on small operations.

Do you know the name of one of our top guerillas in Macedonia/Bosnia/Kosovo? Mohamed al-Zawahiri. Is that name familiar? Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, Osama Bin Laden's top advisor, is the brother of Mohamed our paid fighter. BROTHERS. Search for Kosovo and "Mohamed al-Zawahiri" in quotes. Any wonder we've not caught Zawahiri or Osama?

All this stuff about Israel having Bush "by the balls" is inconsistent by the CIA fact of (Black ops section, JFK, Al-Qaeda) having Bush "by the balls" and Pentagon (a faction anyhow) having Bush "by the balls". For that matter, I reject the idea that a son-of-a-CIA-director, grandson-of-a-Nazi-collaborator, puppet representative of the moneyed Nazi elite in America, would have to be in any way coerced to cooperate and perform his real job, which is front man for subjugation of the American people for Corporate Globalization and Corporate-Financial Tyranny.

this guy said: Tarpley's central argument, that 9/11 was a coup d'etat carried out by rogue elements within the government and straddling the line between government and aspects of big industry, makes more sense to me than anything else (YES!)
I've heard -- but we don't really know. Also, it's not written in an overly dramatic style -- sorry if I gave that impression -- it's actually pretty dry and academic except when he lets himself go and talks major shit about Bush and Cheney.

But it's NOT merely Bush and Cheney. They do not run the world. They definitely PARTICIPATED and I don't know how much planning and control, but under Globalization it's a GLOBAL war against Liberty, not just an American thing, though the point is that America leads the global action. It's a GLOBAL intelligence network. Cheney, not Bush, is a member of the global business group called Trilateral Commission and also a past president of the Council on Foreign Relations. Those are real institutions with real addresses and members. I phoned and requested the TLC membership list and they emailed it to me. Cheney's CFR awards speech is on YouTube. But the CFR is not some mysterious communist cult. It's a bunch of globalized businessmen and foreign policy wonks, plus banking and intelligence. The boring but prestigious CFR magazine is "Foreign Affairs". It's a think tank for US elite economic interests overseas. That also means war. War and Business, as one.

Tarpley thinks that Bush is not smart enough to have pulled off any major op.
Alone? No. Single mastermind, no.
Bush couldn't build a car, but he could manage a dealership, or maybe even manage an assembly line if he hired a technical advisor. (Nor could Bush drill an oil well on his own, but people don't suggest he is not an oil man. He's an investor and loosely a manager. A PR guy.)

All I've ever suggested is Bush is a knowing participant, in his role.
One, I've heard him be a policy wonk. He's plenty smart when he wants to be about economics, taxation, and other legislative matters. Two, he has stated in numerous interviews and debates, he delegates what he does not know to smarter people.

Therefore, by "Bush" I am usually referring to both George W. AND the people he hired (or who hired him to play President) from the PNAC group including Feith, Cheney, Perle, Wolfowitz, Ledeen, and other people who were Likud-Americans and even some accused of spying for Israel (Ledeen briefly lost some of his clearance, Perle caught in 1970). The whole cabal. By "Elites" I mean both the Neo-conservative side and the Tri-Lateral side where Poppy Bush parks his pickup.

Do you really think Israel somehow pulled one over on these "loyal Americans"? The unwilling participants, caught by the balls by these evil, manipulative Israelis. Drat!

I cannot comprehend why intelligent people would leap to a conspiracy theory that rises to defend government representatives against charges of intentional ruthlessness. Killing Hope This book by William Blum (or his other book Rogue State) should dispel any such illusions (yet amazingly Blum sticks by "blowback" theory too!).

What's up Bill Blum? (no personal disrespect intended towards you, you are a fantastic researcher and a sincere humanitarian, only voicing frustration) Was your findings that the CIA strictly limited it's ruthless covert operations of murder and torture to people without American birth certificates? That CIA would never trespass against genuine Americans?? That CIA would never dream of mass murder, due to their ethics? What is the matter with your natural suspicion, skepticism, belief in Modus Operandi? Operation Gladio not close enough pattern to Sept 11 to ring a bell?

No, Mr. Webster Tarpley: your fascist-supporting, Nazi-supporting, Slalin-supporting, Likud-supporting, Pakistan mujahideen-supporting, Wahabbi-supporting, Al-Qaeda-supporting American LEADERS would gladly kill 3000 Americans to advance their stated plans. You KNOW these Nazi SS freaks got it in them. As they almost (but not quite) admitted as much prior to the event, in their own writings.

They are ALL in on it: Israeli Mossad, CIA, FBI, DIA, other Intell, MI6, MI5, KGB, Indonesian Intell, ISI (Pakistan), Saudi intell, etc. It fits their agenda. Quo bono and all.

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Blogger Anon said...

I agree.

They are all in it.

I suspect that within the security services of these countries there are inner cabals who know about the big false flag ops.

Glad to see you mention Indonesia which has a long history of running false-flag ops and which has links to 9 11.

Paul Wolfowitz was once ambassador to Indonesia, and the top Indonesian generals are usually trained in the USA.

What links these cabals is 'fascism' and 'mafia-type activities.'

'Moslem' Indonesians are willing to work with Zionist Israelis and 'Hindu' right-wingers because they share the same 'mafia-fascist' outlook.

Kindest regards

- Aangirfan

11:26 PM  
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