Monday, October 09, 2006

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You and Gary ought to publish a blog at Let the world know your political views. Could be a hot ticket for you two.Frank [that was sarcasm]

Frankly, Frank, Virgil relies too much on the mainstream 'alternative' media for opinions and issues du jour. Not that a lot of it is not valid too.

I rely on different sources, including historical and mainstream articles, and write my own stuff.

NOBODY is stating the obvious: that the domestic effects and foreign outcomes of Rummy's and Cheney's half-baked military adventures is precisely the effects/outcomes they were seeking. And that all 'leaks' have been intentional. Partly to spread horror and fear via rumor. Partly to artificially create a fear-based and anger-driven constituency that wants (demands) more govt secrecy, deception, and power.

Ironically, this mostly comes from conservatives who traditionally eschew whining to the govt for security, now demanding that govt secure their 'welfare' and to hell with the Constitution and Rule of Law. I thought that breaking the law means you are a criminal. What happened to 'tough on crime'? Brilliant psyop strategy.

Other diversions: they get people bickering over minutae of these legal changes, fighting for bad compromises, forget things like that Eschelon has been spying on us for decades -- but now it's codified and can be legally used, forget cases of rendition in years past, sow confusion plus the consideration that it's NOT it's not happening yet but might soon, i.e. the fantasy that we're still living in a Republic.


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