Saturday, November 04, 2006

Sept 11 matters. It matters because EVERY anti-constitutional law and endless war (which Madison said would destroy America) is based off Sept 11 and fear of terrorism, and the LIE that the American President has a job of protecting us from harm. He has taken an oath of defending the Constitution, which he refuses to do, neither he nor Clinton. The govt has NO constitutional responsibility for providing "security", per the Supreme Court. Nor is that their intention.

Everything will remain based off Sept 11. The Military Commissions Act, the election. It's the all-purpose wedge. Hillary is playing it too.

Bush is not writing these laws and Executive Orders. Other Machiavellians write them, he signs them.
Washington is at War with Americans.
This is stated geopolitics and domestic policy.
Brz explains it all here:
Others explain it here:

Democracy (popular will in a republican system) is a big problem for things such as "Imperial Mobilization" and "Global Dominance", since people don't benefit from it and we are directly harmed by imperialism which serves a narrow elite that has no loyalty to America, it's principles or it's people.
Normal human Compassion is a big problem because ordinary people are appalled by mass murder.
So limit democracy with propaganda and suppress compassion with terror --- that's their solution.

In their own words, they celebrate the rollout of what they call the New World Order, i.e. not some spooky illuminati thing, but simply Globalism and Globalization, a world run by corporations and their political appointees. It's right wingers like Jerome Corsi of the Swift Boat book, not liberals, who are attacking the new SPP with Mexico and Canada.

Sept 11 played a key role in this ongoing plan: terror, compliance, replacing a republic with a "security state". Hint: Columbia is a security state. So is El Salvador. So was Argentina under the Generals.

Until people get this, we continue to look to Washington for answers and solutions.
WE own this country and WE are responsible for it, for what they do. THEY serve us, but they are not interested in service.
America - Freedom to Fascism
you can watch the documentary online, or buy it
This is NOT a right wing Republican documentary. It's not a left wing documentary either. It's about WAY more than taxes.
Sadly, most of the attention is from audiences on the Right, and Aaron Russo ends up talking on Christian Right radio more than the Left who also needs to hear this message. He founded the Constitution Party, but left it when it turned Christian Right instead of Constitution.

If you can't watch the video, this talk is good and more detail. He touches on Sept 11 too.

The principles of Libertarianism or Classic Liberalism have a lot of value even if some turn out to be too radical to be implemented fully today. The reason is this is about the roots and ideals of America which have been lost. Bush is not a conservative, he's implementing Woodrow Wilson's "Progressive" policies, including the Sedition Act and "smearing democracy" around the world. This is why (half) the Framers wanted a small, weak central govt, to reduce risk of tyranny.
This is an audio page, there is a text page to Rothbard on New Liberty as well.1: The Libertarian Heritage: The American Revolution and Classical Liberalism

14: War and Foreign Policy
Sounds like a Marxist attack on imperialism, but he's anti-Marxist

I don't agree fully with this lady Devvy on everything, but she makes some good points on a lot of issue.


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